1. Get It Gone
2. Fall Through The Floor
3. Peace and Quiet
4. The Lure Of Incandescence
5. Is Everyone On Crack?
6. Smoke and Mirrors
7. Random Adventures
8. The Sky Is Melting

Available Now through Crash Through Records & 1357 Records
The Lure Of Incandescence is Crash Through's most ambitious and melodic work yet. The image of the candle burning at both ends on the cover sums it all up - a band pulling out all of the stops, ignoring reason, following art over logic and coming up with the purest reflection of their vision - from the rhythmic melodicism of "Get It Gone" through to the 13 minute psychedelic album closer "The Sky Is Melting", this is the world according to Crash Through. Acoustic guitars, vocal harmonies, fantastic female backing singers, keyboards, 11 minute instrumentals, this is the noise ringing in their heads amplified through a megaphone implanted in their collective psyche. Listen to it and have your ears and brain cleansed of predictable music, your heart cleared of banal emotions and see the world through Crash Through coloured glasses.... and stuff, like.
Recorded at Crash Through Studios, Leichhardt NSW Featuring Alicia Nagle and Natalie Iglesias on backing vocals Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Phil Morgan.


1. It's All Backwards
2. Nothing Can Slow Us Down
3. Stop Worrying, Start Yelling
4. William The Obscurer
5. I Know It's Not Right
6. Guildford
7. Too Much For My Eyes
8. Acronym Blues
9. Milk Crate
10. Beautiful Ragged Mayhem

Available Now through Crash Through Records & 1357 Records
'Beautiful Ragged Mayhem' is Crash Through's ultimate statement of musical intent. A long process of stripping the sound and approach of the band back to its core, followed by making an album without concern for commercialism has resulted in a unique musical experience. From the intensity of 'Guildford' to the surrealism of 'Milk Crate', it covers a lot of ground across the ten tracks, free from the need to stick to any kind of formula, but still creating a unified piece.
So what does it sound like? Beautiful Ragged Mayhem is definitely the only way to describe it.
Recorded at TLS Studios, Sydney, Phil's house, Sydney and Chateau Martin, Gloucester, NSW. Mixed and Produced by Phil Morgan. Mastered by aJay at TLS.


1. I Know It's Not Right
2. I Look Like $20, But I Feel Like $25
3. Sunlight
4. Money On The Table

Available Now through Crash Through Records & 1357 Records
'Introducing Crash Through' is Crash Through's 2009 debut E.P., featuring the live favourites "Money on the Table" and "Sunlight"
Recorded and Mixed by aJay and Roy Mollace at TLS Studios, Sydney. Mastered by Roy Mollace at TLS.